"A Grande Collab" is a tribute from brazilians animators to a classical comedy serie of our TV, called "A Grande Família".

On TV from 2001 until 2014, "A Grande Família" every week brought to us the life of a brazilian family, showing with a pretty good comedy routine situations that we pass trought with family, friends, neighbourhoods, at the transport, work etc. Every people could identify yourself with some of the characthers and their own personality.

So, we united 16 animators and illustrators to animate a new version of the opening video from the show. Each one could animate a few seconds of the music with your own style using some of the characters.

Here is my participation. I illustrated "Agostinho" and "Bebel", one of the funniest couples of the serie, in a "Rick and Morty" style. The background is based on their house. I did the rig of the both characters and the animation on Toon Boom. For the character design and background I used the Procreate app on iPad.

The entire animation will be released soon, so when it is on air, I will put here the link.

Animation: Douglas Escamilha
Rig: Douglas Escamilha
Illustration: Douglas Escamilha
Sound Effects: Douglas Escamilha
Music: A Grande Família - Dudu Nobre.

Photos from the TV series
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