Hi! My name is Doug Escamilha and I am a 2D Animator and Motion Designer Freelancer.

Contact: hello@animadoug.tv

Currently I live in Nova Friburgo, Brazil. Here I work from home as a freelancer. I am 27 years old and I have a bachelor's degree of Communication Sciences in Advertisement and Marketing at Estácio de Sá University, where I studied art direction, publicity creation, graphic design and a little about video editing. 
I worked for 4 years as graphic designer at Layout Brasil, an advertising agency, where my passion for Motion Design and Animation started. Beside the design creations, there I also had to create some animation videos for TV ad's.

After this years, I decided to focus my career in motion design and animation and study more about this. Watching Youtube tutorials and doing some online courses about After Effects, I started to do some freelance jobs and decided to quit my job at the agency.

A few months later, working as a freelancer, a new challenge appeared! I moved to Sao Paulo to work in a new brazilian animation series, the Society of Virtue
. There I worked for almost 3 years animating episodes from this superhero's parody series in Motion Comics style. The episodes are launched in two Youtube channels: Society of Virtue ( with original voice in English ) and Sociedade da Virtude ( dubbed in brazilian portuguese ).

After this experience in Sao Paulo, I decided to move again and follow a new way in animation. Now my focus is on character animation and is what I am studying and practicing at the present.

I am in my hometown doing some courses and exercises to improve my skills in frame a frame animation and also cut-out animation in Harmony Toon Boom. I 'm in love with this character animation world!
| Experience

Freelancer  2020 March - Now
2D Animator and Motion Designer

Society of Virtue 2017 April - 2020 February
2D Animator | Motion Designer in After Effects

Freelancer  2017 January - 2017 March
Motion Designer and Graphic Designer

Layout Brasil  2013 March -  2016 December
Graphic Designer

Layout Brasil  2012 August - 2013 February
Graphic Designer Intern

Courses and Workshops

The Art of Aaron Blaise  2020 - Now
Fundamentals of Animation

The Art of Aaron Blaise  2020 - Now
How to Draw Human Anatomy 

Julia Simas | Motionclass
Frame a Frame and Liquid Motion
Workshop about frame a frame and liquid motion
in Adobe Animate | 4 hours

Felipe Simões | Flip Courses  2019
Online classes about Cut-Out Animation in Harmony Toon Boom

Felipe Simões | Flip Courses  2019
Online classes Rig and FX in Harmony Toon Boom

Quanta Art's Academy 2018 February - 2019 February
Fundamentals of Drawing
N-PIX | Online Digital Arts School  2014
Graphix - Motion Graphics in After Effects
| Education

Estácio de Sá University  2012 - 2016
Bachelor of Communication Sciences
in Advertisement and Marketing

Galdino do Valle Filho High School  Concluded in 2011
Brazilian High School Diploma

| Languages Courses

Teacher Keuri Santos  2020 - Now
Private English Classes

Guide Idiomas English School  2011
Advanced English Course

CEFET UnED Nova Friburgo  2011
Intermediate Spanish Course

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