"Consciente Coletivo" is a educative TV series that shares with the audience some good pratices to take care about our planet

I was invited by Bugbite, a brazilian animation company, to help with some episodes of these educative series. The episodes shows some good ways to collect garbage, not waste water, generate solar energy and some others pratices that make the world a better place. I was responsible to do the composition of the scene, camera movementes, special effects and animation of secondary characters and animals. Here I made a selection from my favourites scenes and described what I did in each cut. Unfortunatelly I can't share the full content yet, but I will put the link here when it's allowed. The main characters were animated by Bugbite in Toon Boom. The compositing, FX and secondary characters animations were made by me in After Effects.


Production: Giroscópio e Bugbite
Direction: Analucia Godoi
Main Characters Animation: Bugbite
Motion Design, FX and Secondary Characters Animation: Douglas Escamilha
Illustration: Bugbite
Sound Effects: Bugbite
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