Dancing Loops for Music Video

I am very excited to share this animation music video that I had a chance to work along with so many talent artists. The american singer LyRanda Aalece hired my friend Pola Lucas to direct and produce the animated video from her new music "Social Media", from her new album "Group Chat". Pola invited me to join the team and help with the animation. My role in this video was to "bring life" to the illustrations doing the motion design and character animation. I animated texts, effects, objects, backgrounds and transitions from the most scenes. I also did some character animation from the guys "shaking heads" and two dancing cycles. 

I used After Effects for all the motion graphics and Harmony Toon Boom for Cel Animation.

It was a big challenge to us to make different movements in so many scenes, trying to give a more dynamic rithym to the video.

Screenplay: Pola Lucas and Karen Suzane
Direction and Art Direction: Pola Lucas
Production: Pola Lucas and Karen Suzane
Character Design: Pola Lucas and Tiago Amora
Illustrations: Rafa Souza, Tiago Amora, Pola Lucas, Matheus Mendes, Tainá Wagner and Cinthia Saty
Animation Motion Design: Doug Escamilha and Supernova Duo 
Cel Animation: Pola Lucas, Doug Escamilha and Ana Carolina Gonçalves
Editing: Doug Escamilha
Sound Effects: Doug Escamilha
Music: LyRanda Aalece

Here you can see some scenes that I animated and also the behind the scenes:

Dancing Storytelling
Clean Up
| Final Colour
| Other Scenes
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